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Virginia designates Chincoteague Island pony as official state horse

Virginia Commonwealth lawmakers approved a bill on Tuesday to designate the Chincoteague Island pony as the official state horse, with 93 yays and seven nays.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 4:19 pm

Migrants encounters drop to 150,000 in January, lowest since early 2021: sources

There were approximately 150,000 migrant encounters at the southern border in January, multiple sources tell Fox News, the lowest number since February 2021.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 4:07 pm

Indiana lawmakers advance plan to give illegal immigrants driving cards

Indiana lawmakers have advanced a proposal for the first time that, if passed into law, would allow illegal immigrants to obtain state-issued cards allowing them to drive.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:52 pm

State of the Union: Biden to lay out ‘starkly different’ plan on taxes, spending compared to House GOP

President Biden will use his State of the Union address to lay out a “starkly different” plan for the economy than what House Republicans have proposed.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:50 pm

Biden judicial nominee under fire for alleged lack of legal knowledge, experience

President Biden's nominee for a federal judgeship in Washington state is facing scrutiny for what critics call a lack of legal knowledge and experience.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:38 pm

Don't look up: The bigger China threat worrying lawmakers is in the palm of your hand, not the sky

Lawmakers are searching for ways to limit the risks from TikTok, owned by a Chinese conglomerate with ties to the CCP, as tensions with China increases.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:31 pm

Biden's IRS plans to crack down on waiters' tips

The Internal Revenue Service is moving ahead with a proposal to crack down on service industry tip reporting in an effort the agency said would provide "certainty to taxpayers."

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:24 pm

House GOP gets ahead of Biden State of the Union with debt ceiling calls, Chinese spy flights rebuke

House GOP lawmakers went after President Biden on the debt ceiling, and his handling of the Chinese surveillance balloon and the border crisis ahead of the State of the Union address Tuesday.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:03 pm

Wisconsin Gov. Evers likely to suggest sales tax increase

Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said Tuesday he would request that the state Legislature allow sales tax hikes at the county and municipal level.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 3:01 pm

House Dem claims spike in fentanyl seized at border is a 'success'

Rep. Katie Porter hailed the significant rise in fentanyl seizures at the southern border in recent years as a "success," during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 2:46 pm

AOC loses battle to slow GOP push to expand new oil, natural gas leases on federal land

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lost her fight on Tuesday to link new drilling on federal land to health studies that show the health impacts of energy extraction.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 2:35 pm

Republicans punish Biden for missing budget deadline with bill restricting appointee pay, travel

Republicans introduced legislation Tuesday that would delay federal funds to the president after a failure to meet the deadline to submit a budget to Congress.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 2:00 pm

White House State of the Union guest list includes Bono, parents of Tyre Nichols, Paul Pelosi

The White House announced a number of notable names who will be attending Tuesday night's State of the Union address as guests in first lady Jill Biden's viewing box.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:53 pm

Members of Congress troll social media with hunting photos after Sen. Daines was put in 'Twitter jail'

Multiple Republican members of Congress took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend Montana GOP Sen. Steve Daines after the social media giant locked and suspended his account.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:40 pm

Texas state senator arrested for drunk driving

Texas State Sen. Charles Schwertner has been arrested Tuesday on a driving while intoxicated charged after being stopped by the Austin Police Department.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:34 pm

Top law enforcement group comes out swinging against anti-police Biden nominee

The National Sheriffs' Association formally announced its opposition to Gigi Sohn, President Biden's nominee for an open Federal Communications Commission, over her views on police.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:32 pm

Fox News Politics: Eyes on Biden

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Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:30 pm

Wisconsin Republican lawmakers order audit of state's Department of Safety and Professional Services

Republicans ordered an audit of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. The department is known for lengthy delays and takes weeks to issue professional licenses.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:26 pm

Moore v Harper: Supreme Court could throw out major North Carolina election theory case with 2024 implications

North Carolina's Supreme Court agreed to rehear a major redistricting case, leaving Moore v. Harper's "independent state legislature theory" hanging in the balance at the federal level.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:23 pm

Stefanik blasts Biden’s slow response to Chinese surveillance flight: He has ‘abysmally failed’

House Republican Conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik of New York weighed in on President Biden's handling of the Chinese spy balloon that traveled over the continental U.S.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 1:21 pm

Weaponization of government panel to hold first hearing on DOJ's alleged attack on American civil liberties

The House Subcommittee on Weaponization is set to hold its first hearing Thursday on how the Justice Department have allegedly attacked American civil liberties.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 12:54 pm

'Trans Lives Matter' protesters occupy Oklahoma State Capitol: ‘This is our house!’

Trans Lives Matter protesters chanted "this is our house," and "protect trans kids," inside the Oklahoma state Capitol Monday during Gov. Kevin Stitt’s State of the State address.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 12:54 pm

Comer takes aim at Biden ‘propaganda’ on border crisis; WH tells GOP to ‘look in the mirror’

The head of the House Oversight Committee slammed "propaganda" from the Biden administration as it sought to blame Republicans for the ongoing migrant crisis.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 12:45 pm

Border hawks say failure to pass border security bill would betray GOP 'Commitment to America'

Conservative groups who oppose illegal immigration are demanding that the Republican House majority take immediate action to secure the border.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 10:00 am

Sen. Daines responds after Twitter suspends his account for hunting photo: 'My wife is a great shot'

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., was suspended from Twitter on Monday over claims that his profile photo, featuring him and his wife hunting, reportedly violated Twitter guidelines.

Posted on 7 February 2023 | 9:57 am