Babylon Bee (Satire)

'This Is Just Like Nazi Germany!' Cries Liberal As Parent Removes Porn From Elementary School

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Liberal activist Sharon Welch declared today that she was "literally living in Nazi Germany" after parents removed pornographic material from an elementary school library.

Posted on 25 March 2023 | 4:21 pm

New Evidence Suggests Walls Of Jericho Fell After Joshua Finished Sick Sax Solo

ISRAEL — Newly uncovered evidence shows that the walls of Jericho crumbled to the ground right after Joshua finished playing an absolutely boss saxophone solo.

Posted on 25 March 2023 | 3:31 pm

Satan Testifies Before Congress In Defense Of TikTok

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Lord of Darkness dropped by Congress to offer testimony on behalf of his favorite app, TikTok.

Posted on 25 March 2023 | 1:35 pm